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Garden Variety

Zachariah Wells

Western poets are wont to garden
And muck about in rubber boots –
Here there’s little frost to harden
And all this rain breeds shallow roots.


Zachariah Wells

Enter, earwig, pierce the membrane
Tympanic, squat down in my brain
To squeeze nacreous nymph gleams
In the furrowed seedbed of dreams.

About The Author


Zachariah Wells was born and raised on Prince Edward Island and has since lived in Ottawa, Halifax, Nunavut, Montreal and Halifax again, before moving to Vancouver in 2007. He is the author of Unsettled, a collection of poems set in Canada's eastern Arctic, the editor of Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets and co-author, with Rachel Lebowitz, of Anything But Hank!, a children's verse story illustrated by Eric Orchard. Since 2004, he has worked as an onboard attendant for Via Rail. He also writes literary criticism and serves as reviews editor for Canadian Notes & Queries magazine. New collections of poems and essays are forthcoming in 2009 and 2010."

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