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Kelly Howarth

A shallow brook
A hollow tree
Singing nature’s melody

A rustling leaf
A buzzing bee
Singing nature’s melody

A buzzing saw
A falling tree


Food for Thought

Left hemisphere
Right hemisphere
A walnut
Two halves
Brain food



The gift box
Carefully wrapped
Silver foil, red ribbon
The lover
Slowly unwraps



The smell of money—old money, new money
Crumpled, dirty, sweaty
Crisp, clean, freshly minted
What then, is the smell of success?



The wind carries all the smells
Of a warm summer day—the clover, the flowers, the grass
The deep fragrances of nature
Inhaled as I pop the lid on a fresh jar of local honey


The Writer’s Block

A painter, a writer
A blank canvas, a blank page
A palette of color, a dictionary
A brush, a pen
A brushstroke, a sentence
Depth and Texture
Grammar and Semantics

Once upon a time
There was a painter
Who painted on a canvas
A blank page
She used a palette of color
Painting the dictionary
A brush daubing a pen
Every brushstroke
Is a sentence unwritten
Creating depth
Texturing a story that never was
For the grammar and semantics
Are caught somewhere
In the writer’s imagination
Between the impressionism
Of fact and fiction

About The Author


Kelly Howarth is a Montreal Writer, Facilitator and Educational Consultant. She writes creatively--to inspire, enlighten and empower--across many genres, including poetry, creative non-fiction, short stories, plays, and children’s picture books. Her debut one act play, entitled In Debted Bliss, placed finalist in the Montreal Film Noir Competition (May, 2010). A prolific writer since age 9, Kelly puts her voice out there with rich characters that come alive through their challenges.

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What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface.

– Constantin Brancusi
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