Gein Wong


I can see the first stone
of the great wall of China
being laid down on the ground.
I remember when olive trees
were free
to grow wherever they wanted.
I can hear the whispers
of people
first starting to call Mohammed a prophet.
I remember when nushu
was a language
still being created.
I remember Mississauga
as more
than the name of a suburb.
And I can feel
the hope
on the Komagatu Maru as it first set sail.
I am not a master of anything,
I am just always trying to imagine becoming one.
Where I can see things for myself,
where history is no longer edited.
I can see the empty Chinatowns during SARS.
I remember when Chavez resisted a coup.
I'm sitting in a Colorado classroom when Ward Churchill was still a professor.
I continue to see over and over when people lost faith in government.

I remember when Obama finished his second term in office
I remember when the first woman was teleported to the moon
I am happy and worried about the first gene modified cure
I relieved that the bird flu was eliminated
I remember when people learned from history
I remember when capitalism stopped corrupting our hearts
I remember when money stopped being essential to life
I remember when lit incense sticks increased, and increased and increased
I remember when Asians had a respected voice in North America.
I remember when police brutality was punished
I remember when the thought of two women intertwined caused no phobias
I remember when racism, systemic racism was recognised
I remember when you found your voice, found your conscience
I remember when the revolution turned from cliched words to reality
I remember smiling when you joined me.

About The Author


Gein Wong is Toronto based playwright, poet and music composer whose works have been performed in North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and East Asia. She appears on the Dig Your Roots Canadian Spoken Word CD and is a New York Kundiman Poetry Fellow. She was nominated for the 2010 Ontario KM Hunter Award in Theatre and is currently developing the theatre pieces “Hiding Words” and “Shelter.”  Other playwriting credits include Salt Fish Girl 1 and How We (For)got Here (co-writer).  She is published in Strike the Wok: Chinese Canadian Prose and TOK2: Writing the New Toronto.  Gein is classically trained in piano and french horn, and trains with the renowned erhu (Chinese violin) virtuoso Shao Lin. Discography credits: Burning Money for You and Thousand Mile Voice. She is Artistic Director of Asian Arts Freedom School, founder of Eventual Ashes and Co-Artistic Director of the Movement Project.


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Gein Wong

Let’s talk of a system that transforms all the social organisms into a work of art, in which the entire process of work is included [..;] Something in which the principle of production and consumption takes on a form of quality. It’s a Gigantic project.

– Joseph Beuys
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