Amatoritsero Ede


Teardrops on the Weser 

(excerpts from new manuscript)


zimmer dreihundertundfünfzig

from what scattered river basin
does the weser drink

what gravity 

               at the pumps
                        with tap root
            in hannoversch münden

                              reigned in
                              these galloping waters
                                          gathered them up
                                       leveled the sky-high fountain
                                      roiled the frothing mass

                                                  into glass-smooth
                                                                    singing bubbles                                         
                                                      funneling them

                                        forwards towards
                                               bremen and
                               the north

                                              as one spliced big-bodied water                                                                                         
                                                               coiled like rope
                                                                      coursing thickly

     a solid brown vein
                        through lower saxony

            only to burst apart into
                              twain tributaries   
                 two grave flows

                     the undernourished little weser
and her fatter conjoined twin
                                              finally separated deep down

                                                                         in downtown bremen

                                both parallel waterways 
            mirror their parent streams
                    the fulda and the werra 

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