Paula Maciejewski


Nature’s Encore

 Clouds drift by
Like cars in slow motion
White fluffy
Cotton balls
A variety of shapes and sizes
Spread on blue wallpaper

Some taking up more space than others
King-sized soft cushions
Initiated by the wind they
Merge into each other
Start melting into new shapes
Only to be rearranged again
A kaleidoscopic performance

At times
It looks like the clouds
Are linking arms
Pursuing the same goal
A cooperative union

There is a fluid
And slow break up
Clouds move in different directions
Coexisting individuals

A play
With no rehearsals
Nature the director
The sky the stage
A performance
With an ever recurring encore

Nature’s play
Performed across the globe
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Left behind

A red winter coat
The letters she once wrote
Is all that remained
The rest unexplained

He woke to see her gone
No note, no signature drawn
The emptiness started to fill his body
Tying his insights mercilessly

Nothing looked familiar anymore
Like random items washed ashore
And he just happened to be there
This place he now called nowhere

He was certain she would never return
Her absence would forever burn
A hole in his heart
Unable to move towards a new start

Was it something he said?
Though mostly they simply read
They could read for hours, side by side
A comfortable silence that now has died

A red winter coat
The letters she once wrote
He held them tight
Knowing he will never again be all right

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