Writings / Poetry: Yemi Soneye

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To See Her Full Like Filled Seats

In a restaurant
you both can’t afford,
this is the third dinner.

The birds in your shirt
want to leave.
It’s just the wind, you lie
as you heard he does
his hair worn
like hands of a moss.

From smirk
like poor god’s
glimpsing through
thick curtains
you look away
and from her
grey eyes to not see
what they’ve seen.

To see her full
like filled seats
and master her
for tomorrow’s long night
when time won’t be on the wall,
you are here.

The Closure

I gave two sunsets
shape lives.

Night declared, the girl
bangled by
copper rays
you are delivered
and the house darkened
to show the neighbours.

Away, pigeons
swooshed from
celestial eaves
leaving other girl
shut-eyed and curled
in her slit wrist.


Watching An Election

Faces of the con
fell from hands
on the wall
and lead away.

An underground map,
of few years
in the city, she gropes the wall
arrives miner
at the fluff
of despair underneath time.

Thumbs stand
in the booth,
and straw-burn daylight.

When it’s almost done,
the moon and the sun
clash like two enemies
cars in a fast movie.


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  1. David Ishaya Osu says:

    This poetry is loaded. “The birds in your shirt” is fascinating. My best poem here is ‘Closure’. The symbols are fresh and organic. Well done, Yemi..

  2. Abdalmasih says:

    Beautiful collection!

  3. A Torty Tortivie says:

    Compelling beauty!

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