Writings / Poetry: Luca Xifona

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           No far-fetched fragrance was your familiar
Amid Rodos’ dark shambles of mountains
By that Trojan ocean, where first we met,
Dishing wine in every vintage tavern.
I savoured that paralysis of drink—
Friendly poison—watching white waves banner
The spring-tide beach, because we were mere friends,
And I desired—though wed—a darkling tryst.
           Travel wafts will-o-wisp relationships:
Couples uncouple mid wreckage of limbs—
Or wordless lips (a mockery of tongues).
           You allowed no insidious pillow,
And nixed all love as rickety as air—
Rhodes’ winds—or brackish as its tides.


Absent Sustenance

Unexpectedly voracious am I:
Discipline turns irrelevant versus
Hunger, I mean, Desire. Agitated
Sensations leave me keen as a razor,
Keening like a razor, while raw fissures
Split wide my heart. Abusive profusions seem
My tears. I feel so uselessly sullen
Suddenly: My Desire‘s unsatisfied.

Once an au pair girl who came, decades passed,
To tend children and learn English, you’re now
The opposite: Multilingual and far.
That’s why my wine tastes as bland as water
Or too much like vinegar. My stomach
Devours sour tears: Your breasts don’t give me suck.



           Like a boar in corn—wrecking, havocking,
Feasting, that’s us, satisfying each pang
And demand of Hunger, each twinge and twang—
Uninhibited—of belly and maw.
           Our kinetics ain’t aesthetic: We’re beasts—
Famished and fierce. Lust is wild Gluttony,
Uncontrollable, inconsolable—
Intolerable rutting and glutting….
           Our raunchy flanks, our ratcheting haunches,
Take to thoroughbred romping and trampling,
Breaking the creaking bed. (What can hold us?)
           Kisses cohere til we’re incoherent—
Snarling, gasping, snorting. We tug each other
Toward the dessert, to taste sweetness as one.


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